J-InterSect has three products:  High Value-Add Analyses (HVAs), Research Reports (RRs), Rapid Response Reports (3Rs).  All share a goal of providing analyses that support creating the "Highs": (i) high value-add, (ii) high return on resources, and (iii) high impact by assisting organizations to discover global benchmarks and implement high value-add best practices.

JIS HVAs provide super insightful excel-based global benchmark and high value-add analyses.  JIS RRs provide a careful and comprehensive analysis of the topic benchmarks and best practices.  JIS 3Rs are completed in the context of a more urgent need for specific information supporting global benchmarking and high-value best practice insights.

J-InterSect's five intersectoral verticals of analysis include disruptive technologies, economic development, ESG, infrastructure, and public-private partnerships.

 J-InterSect has released a select assortment of reports for public sale.